Our Mission

Our mission is to assist people experiencing poverty and lack of housing by filling in the gaps left by other organizations. We seek to accomplish this by meeting their essential needs, such as food, shelter, clothing and relationship while treating people with dignity and respect for who they are; and to support their journey towards holistic wellness.

Those We Serve

In 2023 alone:
  • Last year, we welcomed around 565 families experiencing poverty through our programming. That’s 799 adults and 417 kids, adding up to 1,216 unique souls we had the chance to help.
  • On average, we saw 200 households each month looking for support.
  • Every month, we managed to distribute 452 food hampers and 141 hygiene kits to those in need.
  • We successfully helped 45 individuals struggling with homelessness.
  • We also played a crucial part in preventing homelessness for 118 folks, including 7 children.
  • Our shelter, Today House, was full for 221 nights this year.

Those we assist are people of all age, race, gender, identity, and religion. We assist families, individuals, single parents, people experiencing homelessness, those who are housing insecure and anyone experiencing poverty.


At Steinbach Community Outreach we offer help with transitioning off the streets, housing support and homelessness prevention. We walk alongside a person on their journey towards independence.

Practically, this looks like providing food, clothing, bedding, and toiletries. It’s coffee and muffins and chatting around a table. It’s welcoming, listening and connecting people with other services like the local food bank, soup kitchen, EIA, professional counsellors, and other agencies. It’s helping people find affordable housing, filing income tax returns and driving them to appointments.

Food, Clothing, Shelter, and Connection

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